About us

Our Mission


  Here at Solid Ground Tattoo our mission is to provide you with quality original tattoo art combined with advanced sterilization techniques in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our artists have a variety of different styles, but are all completely capable of fulfilling any request. We focus on creating individual custom tattooing that reflects both the client's desires and our artistry. Understanding that each tattoo is unique, we take the time to listen to our clients and give them the best experience possible.

  Whether it is your first tattoo or you're a seasoned collector, we at Solid Ground Tattoo know that it is an important decision and we seek to earn your trust through clear communication and excellent work. Our studio is fully equipped with both private and open concept work spaces. We are equipped with hospital grade sterilization for all equipment and we use single use needles for all tattooing. Our artists are fully educated in providing the safest methods of tattooing to ensure the health of our client's and ourselves.

  With the recent saturation of the tattoo community, you can basically find a tattoo artist on every corner. In this climate, each shop has to work much harder to build a reputation as a quality, upstanding, and professional studio where only the best work is given to clients. Solid Ground Tattoo has accomplished such a reputation through our honest love for great artwork. When you are looking for a tattoo, make sure you are getting the best and safest work possible so you receive the art on your body that you will be sure to love for the rest of your life.


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  When you make an appointment at Solid Ground Tattoo, we require a minimum cash deposit. This money will be debited from your total cost after the tattoo is finished. If you require multiple sessions, the deposit is held and debited from the total of your last appointment. Deposits are cash only and non-refundable. However, if you provide us with minimum 48 hour notice you are able to change your appointment to another day or time with the same deposit. Deposits are non-negotiable and a requirement for every client. 

Tattoo Aftercare


   After the artist has completed your new tattoo, it is very important to care for it so it will look perfect. The artist will give you complete instructions on how to care for your new tattoo. Tattoos generally take about 2 weeks to heal, although it may differ depending on each person's immune system and the area the tattoo is placed.

 - Leave the bandage on for 1 to 2 hours.

 - When you remove the bandage, make sure your hands are thoroughly clean. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.

 - Use unscented soap and wash tattoo gently but thoroughly using only your hand. Your tattoo will feel slightly gooey, this is plasma and completely normal. Continue to wash until it no longer feels slimy. DO NOT re-bandage, it needs to breathe.

 - Wash your tattoo 2 to 3 times a day

 - Begin applying a VERY THIN layer of artist recommended aftercare ( about 4 to 6 times per day ) for 2 weeks.

 - Wash before bed and leave dry while sleeping for 2 weeks.

 - Your tattoo will get itchy, DO NOT pick or scratch at it. This can cause scarring which will damage the look of your tattoo.

 - DO NOT take baths, go swimming, or submerge your new tattoo in any kind of water for 2 weeks. Showering is permitted.

 - Make sure to avoid pet hair, wear clean clothing and make sure bedding is freshly cleaned.

 - Tattoos fade in sunlight. Minimum sun exposure or sunblock recommended after 2 week healing period.